One sunny Sunday afternoon

I love rain because it is full of romance. I love sun because it catalyses hormones of uncontrollable happiness in me. Aweeee, so much you can do on a sunny summer day! As for me, the more activities you can fit into one day – the better. Minimum of clothes, maximum of colour and out of the apartment.

I do love looking chic in any circumstances. Even though I had to put together my outfit for the day within 5 minutes, I was quite happy with my choice. It came out simple, cute and stylish. For clothes – light peach in contrast with striking black and minimal accessories – just one bold gold bracelet would do. Wearing tiny shorts and tube top would guarantee me getting lots of sun and comfort while being active. Of course, loads of sunscreen as my aim is to be a lighty bronzed girl not a lobster woman. Hat is a must too – to protect my hair and face from wild Australian sun. I also brought along a slouchy long-sleeved top – just in case extra coverage from the sun is needed.

This Sunday we started from the nearby French patisserie. Fuelled by coffee + croissants we continued with testing our newest investment, a kite named Phoenix in Mosman Bay Park. The wind was strong but unpredictable and resulted in Phoenix behaving wildy. One minute it would go so high that we’d be scared there wouldn’t be enough of rope to handle the height. But then it would pike down insaney, threatening to break either itself or us. It was so exciting to fly the kite, watching it go high and circling in the bright blue sky. Good exercise too! To me, that was a perfect Sunday – bright, dynamic and happy!

and here is the kite!

Hope you guys had a great weekend too! I will be pleased to know what your idea of the perfect Sunday – shot me a line :)

P.S. Should mention, that all the kite-fun cost us like $8 – we bought Phoenix in Chinatown Sydney market.

My outfit:

Black Tube top: Supre, $5

Peach shorts and slouchy top: Mango, $35 and $24 (sales price)

Patent leather sandals and belt: Country Road 2 y.o.

Nail Polish: Bloom in Bijou

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  1. Nata January 19, 2011

    Thats a nice outfit!

  2. Joseph February 8, 2011

    Nice outfit: ) Pheonix looks great too!