Outfit of the day: comfort in style

Outfit of the day_winter_style_Styling sweater dress_fashion blog_statement ring_Sydney_Australia 0202

The woollen sweater dress basically became my uniform during these cold winter days. It is simple, warm and looks nice! I was happy to discover it in my wardrobe because, as you know, my choices of clothes are limited at the moment due to my baby bump. So the fact that it actually fits me is a big advantage:) I should add that there are only 21 days left till the Big Day! It is quite exciting and I’m getting very busy with all the preparations! Being out shopping (for the baby, this time!) almost every day requires clothes to be comfortable rather than particularly fashion forward. And this is another reason why I wear this dress now almost on a daily basis.

Outfit of the day_winter_style_styling ideas_fashion blog_over knee boots_Sydney_maria Vlezko_CrashingRed 02

Outfit of the day_winter_style_fashion blog_sweater dress_long boots_Sydney_maria Vlezko 0202

Outfit of the day_winter_style_scarf_statement ring_fashion blog_Sydney_maria Vlezko 02

Paired with a statement ring, good bag and long leather boots, the dress gets a little bit of style yet retains its original relaxed mood.

Jigsaw grey woollen dress

Woollen scarf, from Myer

Gloves, bought somewhere in Europe a while ago

Diva ring and earrings

Over knee boots, from Zomp

Nannini bag, from Myer

… and if you like what you see:


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  1. Marissa Roberts June 1, 2011

    Love it! You look amazing :)

  2. DanniiBeauty June 1, 2011

    Love the outfit! Suits you so much, you are so photogenic, gorgeous! xx

  3. Megan June 1, 2011

    Gorgeous outfit – you’re so stylish!!!

  4. Natsumi June 1, 2011

    UM, yummy mummy alert!!! This outfit is hot hot hot and I think when I’m pregnant (er, if ever) this is all I’ll ever wear! Maybe I should relocate to Siberia so I can wear this for nine months straight ;)

    Loving your bag, it’s such a perfect size!

    By the way, does the height of your shoes matter when you’re pregnant? I’ve seen some fashion bloggers wearing heels even when they’re nine months and almost due and was wondering whether it truly mattered or caused them discomfort at all.

    And most importantly: EXCITED FOR MINI CRASHING RED! Please tell me MCR will have guest posts (: Can’t wait for the big day!

  5. caramellitsa June 1, 2011

    love your boots!!!
    the title is perfect for this post!!
    you look beautiful!

    kisses <3

  6. Vale June 2, 2011

    You look very good ! This look is simple and classy, I like it ! I am following you with google friend connect, if you also like my blog I’d be delighted if you followed back ! Ciao from Italy !

    Fashion and Cookies

  7. Tea For Two June 2, 2011

    Lovely. It looks really comfortable but you’ve made it glamorous too. I love jumper dresses myself, they’re perfect for colder days.

  8. Great outfit – I love everything about it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am also following you now :)

  9. Joce June 2, 2011

    Hi there! you have a great style! love your blog! xx?www.lovejoice.blogspot.com?

  10. Lyddiegal June 2, 2011

    You look both chic, and comfy! those boots are awesome.

  11. Tania June 2, 2011

    Stopped by from thebubbling.com to say hi!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve been perusing your posts and I’m in love with your outfits of the day! Especially this one, those boots are hot!

  12. Antonia-Ivana June 3, 2011

    great combination! You look great.

  13. Amy June 5, 2011

    Less than a month and you look that fabulous!!! Boots are awesome :)

  14. Anu C June 7, 2011

    The black scarf you are wearing looks like a Pashmina to me. I am intrigued by the knot you have made with this scarf. It is fabulous. I would like to use your picture for my website where I have a section on Stars and Styles. Check it out, if you are OK, I will do it and also give you credit. You have a great blog.

    Anu C