Polka dot and coral

polka dot shirt, coral jeans, summer outfit

I love clothes that can multitask and this polka dot shirt does exactly that. It’s perfect for even on the hottest summer day. This outfit was originally intended to be my outfit for International Polka Dot day. However, on the day it was so incredibly hot jeans were not an option so I had to come up with a lighter version.

Here I’m wearing the shirt in a more casual way but pair it with a classic suit in dark shades and this polka dot blouse will be ready to wear to the office. During winter, add a jumper or jacket so the little polka dotted collar remains visible to remind us of happy summer days.

See? One blouse and at least 4 ways to wear it through various seasons. MULTITASKING! is the key word.

DVF harper charlie bag

polka dot shirt, coral jeans, casual chic outfit

DVF harper charlie bag 1

dvf red lips

Outfit details: Seed shirt, AG jeans (similar here and here), DVF clutch (sold out but another fab one here), Oroton sunglasses, DIY necklace, engagement ring.



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  1. Antonia-Ivana K. January 18, 2013

    The necklace is absolutely fantastic as well as the blouse.

  2. Maria V January 21, 2013

     Thank you my dear friend! xx

  3. Jacqueline January 18, 2013

    lovely blouse, and pairing it with coral… delicious. hot sydney’s heat isn’t killing you.

  4. Maria V January 21, 2013

    Thank you Jacqueline! It’s all made of light breathing fabrics so quite suitable for heat. I actually prefer to cover up on sunny days, to avoid sun. x

  5. Dainty Doll January 19, 2013

    Gorgeous, so gorgeous doll. Have a great weekend x

  6. Maria V January 21, 2013

     Thank you my dear friend! xx
    ps. I completed the interview for your new blog, just need to proof read

  7. rachel January 19, 2013

    love the colour of those jeans, they look great with polka dots! x

  8. Maria V January 21, 2013

     Thank you Rachel! I’ve been wearing those jeans a lot. Who knew that bright coral can be so wearable?! Perfect for summer :) xx

  9. fernanda January 22, 2013

    love how femenine, girly and polished you look here :) Nice outfit!!