Pug and boats

Gold coast holidays outfit, crashingred, fashion blog, t-shirt with a funny print, summer style

T-Bar t-shirt, Review shorts, Coach bag, Oroton sunnies

I decided to take some time off. Melbourne Fashion Festival, New Zealand Fashion week and even New York fashion week can wait. At the moment I am enjoying sunny Queensland. Especially its easy going style. Sometimes it is so nice to relax and not to worry about your outfit. Shorts, t-shirt, thongs and sunnies are all you need for 320 days in a year if you live in Queensland. I miss that.

The t-shirt I am wearing purchased 2 days ago – to celebrate my short holiday. I love pugs and am dreaming to have one in the future. One day, when I will settle somewhere for good. But now all I can accommodate for is a pug printed on my shirt. This one can easily be transported from place to place, never will eat your shoes and be a perfect companion on a boat trip.

Marina Mirage, gold coast, summer, australia, luxury boats

funny print tshirt, pug, summer style, australia, fashion blog, new season outfit

By the way,  I have plenty of amusing stuff to show you lovelies. Not telling you what it is until published :) So apart from long walks along the beach I promise to open my laptop and make more posts sometime this week.

until then…

Have a great Happy Pug Tuesday!

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  1. Em September 6, 2011

    Is that the lovely Gold Coast I see in the background? Best place in the whole world :-) I’m glad you had a good holiday here in QLD! I’ll be in Sydney for IMATS soon, I’m a tad excited hehe

  2. loulou September 6, 2011

    Hi Miss Red

    lovely to see you up my way now and I am glad mother nature has turned the weather on for you too.
    I know exactly where your photos were taken and love gazing out at the broadwater from that marina for hours (if I could).

    have a great time the rest of your stay


  3. Marusya V September 6, 2011

    @LouLou Oh yes, this place is one of my favorites too! Wish I could live there ;)
    @Em Yes it is Gold Coast! Looking forward to meeting you at IMATS!

  4. Angela September 6, 2011

    hahhaah I loooove pugs!!!! Your t is so cute. haha x

  5. hauteandstylish September 6, 2011

    Oh Maria you are just stunning. I love how you can make a T-shirt and shorts look a million dollars!
    That pug is such a darling little thing- with his little tongue out and a cupcake! Where did you get it cos I want one!!!

  6. Marusya V September 6, 2011

    @HauteandStylish: I bought it in T-Bar, the shop I randomly found in Pacific Fair. They have lots of t-s with awesome prints! about $30 each.

  7. Amy September 6, 2011

    Welcome to cloudy QLD lol. Hope you’re having a lovely holiday xx

  8. Ashley September 6, 2011

    Ahh, vacation! Lucky you! Your tee is adorably adorable.

  9. Bree @ The Blog Stylist September 6, 2011

    Oh I love that tee! So cute!

  10. Fee @ oh gorgeous baby September 6, 2011

    You lucky girl! I so need a holiday to QLD and I’d even like that t-shirt too :) enjoy your short break and soak up sone rays for me too please.

  11. Call me M September 7, 2011

    Lovely photos! It’s so good to be on vacation, with nothing else on your mind!
    Loved your tee! I have a pug, and I love it, she’s so cute. And thankfully she never ate any of my shoes. Only chewed some patio furniture when she was a baby…hehe
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! Hope to see you back soon! :)

  12. Antonia-Ivana September 7, 2011

    really nice pictures!

  13. Englishvers September 8, 2011

    You look so relaxed and well in the above image.
    Those short are so sweet and I adore the top.
    Your hair looks Great! XX

  14. caramellitsa September 8, 2011

    the first photo is amazing!!!
    looks like a fashion poster :DD

    kisses <3