Sass-y Sunday

maria v fashion blogger, sydney, sass and bide top, summer 2012, styling

Sass & Bide shirt, Mustang jeans, DVF top, good old Prada mini bag

I wonder if there is at least one woman in the world who is happy with the contents of her wardrobe. As for me, I have nothing to wear. Until my summer must haves list is compiled I will be surviving on whatever I currently own. When one Sunday afternoon we went on a big family adventure (i.e. to pick up a car from another side of the city) I had not much time to decide on what I’m wearing and ended up with this. It sounds silly, isn’t it? “Thinking about what to wear just to collect a car”… like I have nothing else to think about. Well, I do and that is exactly why I have no time to think about my ensembles… or to compile a list of summer must haves.

crashingred fashion blog, australia, sass and bide top, summer 2012, style

maria v fashion blog, sydney, sass and bide top, summer 2012, styling

maria v fashion blogger, sydney, sassandbide top, summer 2012, styling

crashingred fashion blog, australia, sass and bide top, summer 2012, casual style

Photography by Joseph Pole.

What about you lovelies, how are you getting along with your wardrobe? Are you happy with it? Do you plan what to wear and what to buy?

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  1. Amalia October 24, 2011

    I agree with you so so much!!!Love the pics :)

    Check my Blog
    and on-line store !! :)

  2. Rin October 24, 2011

    I love the shoes! I love heels, but I rarely wear them. If I’m wearing jeans & a teeshirt like you have here, I would’ve had runners on, or thongs, lol. Hmm… My wardrobe… I never plan what to buy, I just see something I like and decide I HAVE to get it because there will never be anything like it again… Even though a year later, the same item gets re-released in a different colour… So then I have to get THAT one… And so the cycle continues :D

  3. Maiken October 25, 2011

    first of all I must say I love your t-shirt and shoes! and well, it’s a perfect outfit for picking a car anyway ;)
    when it comes to my own wardrobe I’m happy with it and I definitely don’t think I have nothing to wear since I know I have much, mostly thrifted stuff :P
    good luck with your wardrobe, dear! ;)

  4. Sam October 25, 2011

    Great t-shirt. It shows that just a simple tee can really ‘make’ an outfit

  5. Vertiginoso October 25, 2011

    Ooh BUT your heels AND your t-shirt’s (as fancy as uncluttered) prints (frankly) are enough to twist your casual Allure Here Dear (“Straight Nod of Approval from a Kind Aesthete”) !

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  6. Marina October 27, 2011

    Great photos doll and I’m happy with my wardrobe right now but never hurts to add more pieces right?! :)

    <3 Marina