This time tomorrow colored bright

colored jeans, striped top

Here I am on a beautiful sunny day in Balmoral enjoying all the sunny goodness Australia has to offer.  Wearing colored jeans (also worn here) and striped top, feeling happy and smiley. Perfect fashion blog material.

After a long philosophical inner discussion, I thought I’d keep it short and simple for today. In case, you’re curious, I’m questioning the future of fashion blogging and whether it is ethical for fashion bloggers to demonstrate all these outfits while the other half of the world lives in poverty. Even though I recycle my clothing and often DIY things instead of buying new, the apparent materialistic side of fashion blogging makes me feel uneasy. It’s a difficult question and I’m trying to find the answer. Does such an answer exist at all? As for now, I hope tomorrow will be coloured brighter.

girl by the ocean

pink jeans

diy braided bracelets

striped bassike top, summer fashion

Outfit details: Bassike top, AG jeans (now on sale 50%off), Mimco and DIY bracelets (see here how to make them),  Marcs bag, Tods flats 



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  1. Natali August 8, 2012

    Simple and comfortable outfit! I like it :)

  2. Natsumi August 8, 2012

    That’s the same dilemma I have with my blog – “what IS the point?” I love your posts and especially love your DIY projects. I hope you figure out your dilemma. xoxx

  3. rachel August 8, 2012

    you look amazing Maria, love the striped top and pink jeans. I think I’ll replicate this outfit myself! xx

  4. Jaeger August 8, 2012

    gorgeous bracelets


  5. Darby August 8, 2012

    Hi beautiful! I LOVE your pink pants and these photos are absolutely stunning!

  6. The way I see it, we can’t help being born into this side of the world, rather than the other side. Not fashion blogging and showing off your talent in styling is like saying a food blogger shouldn’t be sharing the food she/he eats and cooks because the other side of the world is lacking of food. And what will not blogging do for those in need? Not very much.

    What I do, is I use my blogging to raise money for the causes I feel strongly for. I run for charities at fun runs, I blog about it and I fundraise for them through my blog. I have been quite vocal about my support for the SOPHIE charity, for instance, which hopefully has brought more exposure and attention to them and their / my cause which is to stamp out bullying.

    I think there’s much that us bloggers can do with our blogs even through our own niches. But not blogging about it, certainly won’t help. At least, not in my opinion. It will help from your own ethical standpoint, but it won’t help those in need.

    Just my two cents =)

  7. Tegan @ Teganias Thoughts August 8, 2012

    my god Maria, you are so beautiful. Seriously, I love what you do. I do completely understand what you mean about feeling unethical, but almost everything that we do in the First World is unethical.

    To me, you don’t prance around all day wearing completely designer brands and encouraging everyone to do the same, so you are definitely not the most unethical.

  8. Norlin August 8, 2012

    Honestly, let’s see it this way, you buy the stuff that is made by those in the third world countries, which in turn helps to keep them employed – not much money to us but a lot to them. Although I do think there has to be some improvements made to help them earn a bit more. Then I also use my blog to create awareness when I can and I do donate to a cause I highly support and I’ve done this since I started working and even when I wasn’t working. There are just so many causes out there so I choose those (yes I’ve got a few) that are close to my heart. It’s not unethical to be able to enjoy what we have worked hard for. It’s how we use our channels to help those that need it the most that matters. xx

  9. The Dainty Dolls House August 8, 2012

    Gorgeous place. I think it’s a great question. I think there is a lot of blogs that spend masses on their items to show & people just don’t have that money & also some people don’t see the justification in paying all that money when so many go without. It’s one of the reasons behind my wearing vintage clothes or stays away from that fast fashion everyone has become accustomed to. For every piece I buy, I take an old piece out of my wardrobe and I donate it to clothing drives to make sure it goes to someone in need of it. To keep the cycle going. I think we under estimate the power in our dressing and our being, we can say to the world that we care. A lot of the designers we buy from, actually donate lots to charities, I just wish the people who bought the items sometimes got that too. Give what you get. I have a special page on my blog that has a long list of charities and issues I campaign for. I think the fashion posts give a good platform for highlighting issues as it gets people looking, but I’m not sure it really gets used. And to be honest, whenever I do post about something serious…it doesn’t really get paid attention too, if I post an outfit, people flock from the heavens…which saddens me…have we really become that shallow in our existence!?! That we care more about an item of clothing than someone starving in another country or people getting paid next to nothing so that we can wear the cheaply made garment the next day, while they slave away. But, if we don’t buy them, then they get nothing, it’s like being next to rock and a hard place. I think bringing awareness and trying to do what we can is the better than doing nothing at all. There will always be people who say you’re wasting your time, but you just have to do what you must do :) I think it’s time to change blogs :)) Xxx

  10. chyrel August 8, 2012

    Awesome photos and love the jeans. Interesting topic you got in there. I am also wondering on what the direction of my blog would be. I’m not getting any younger and for sure, a lot of younger and newer fashion blogs will emerge. Also, I feel you. I sometimes think about the rest of the world who has nothing. But, I strongly believe we can always contribute to society and keeping a fashion blog is not just about vanity and being self-absorbed. I started my blog as an outlet to express myself and what I wear. I plan to keep it that way. Regardless if I get sponsors, readers, or followers.

    Gosh. I hope I made sense.

  11. Catharine August 8, 2012

    yeah, I know what you mean. As a beauty blogger sometimes I worry about the same thing. But the way I see it, having grown up in Indonesia, a lot of my friends from Indonesia are into makeup and beauty just as much as girls out here are. Their circumstances are different but most girls like to look beautiful and play with makeup. I’m trying to highlight things I feel passionate about in my writing like, how to minimise your environmental impact and encouraging people to have ethics in their product choices. Ok, self-righteous rant over. :P And in regards to your fashion bloggin specifically, I really the world needs beautiful things to look at. It’s the same thing as music and art I guess.

  12. Jo August 9, 2012

    Is there anything you cannot do Maria.Love everything.

  13. caramellitsa August 10, 2012

    hi dear!! how are you??
    you look so urban chic in this outfit
    i love navy style :DD

    kisses <3

  14. Sarah August 12, 2012

    Hey hun, great classic look! Thanks so much for your comment :) Hope you have a great time at the awards tonight!xx