Uncomplicated geometry

Black and white, style ideas, new 2012 season fashion, clean cut, minimalistic, androgenous style

Black and white in the night

Yesterday I went to the launch party of Young Republic. How was it? I will tell you in my next blog post. Today or more precisely tonight all I am going to do is to show you these photos. Its 3 am at the moment and the only reason I am awake is that my little daughter will wake up for her feed soon. There is no point for me to go to bed really:) As it is so late, obviously, my brain refuses to work. That’s why in this post you will not find any solutions to existential style dilemmas or complex fashion issues. Here is just me showing off the outfit worn for the last night event. Please enjoy CrashingRed’s uncomplicated geometry!

Black and white, androgenous style, chic winter outfit, Country Road jacket,  new 2012 season fashion, clean cut, minimalistic

Minimal and sharp: style as we love it.

Black and white, bold style, clean cut, chic style, new 2012 fashion, style, Fashion blogger

Bold metal earrings: the latest find.

Also… yesterday it was my first glass of champagne in last 9,5 month! Well, in fact 3 glasses. Very irresponsible of me but Oh My Lord it felt sooo good! Don’t worry about the baby she had her milk that was ‘prepared’ in advance:)

Oh, and those chunky futuristic modernistic earrings. Do you like? My latest find. I fell in love with their strange shape and boldness of their look. Everybody at the event was asking where these earrings from… Now I can tell: from Diva, $9! How’s that?

Outfit: black top from Country Road, $60; white woolen turtle neck, Kookai, $40; skirt, Witchery, $60; two-colored tights, $5 from Myer; silver belt, Jigsaw, $24; booties, Witchery, $90; ring, $12 and earrings, $9 Рboth from Diva. Style, hairstyle & makeup by Marusya V (me).

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  1. Antonia-Ivana July 13, 2011

    very classy and beautiful!

  2. Kate Piasecka July 13, 2011

    Yay night out!! How good is your first sip of champagne after having your baby. A-ma-zing.
    Hooray for breast pumps! xx

  3. Kate Piasecka July 13, 2011

    PS. Love your outfit. Tres chic!

  4. Angela July 13, 2011

    Your style is so effortlessly chic. Divine.

  5. Megan July 13, 2011

    I love this kind of look, very sophisticated and timeless. You can never go wrong with it.

  6. Norlin July 13, 2011

    Love that outfit!! Yes sometimes the simple black & White just works wonders!

  7. DanniiBeauty July 13, 2011

    Another stunning outfit! You look gorgeous, love love love the earrings – beautiful!

  8. msmadamemakeup July 13, 2011

    gorgeous! and can I just say that you look FRIGGN AMAZING after having a baby not too long ago! AMAZING! xx

  9. Chic Geek July 14, 2011

    Lovely blog :)

  10. Melina July 14, 2011

    At first I thought this was a dress, but they’re separates! How fun. I really love the structure of that top. Overall, really chic!

    xx Melina

  11. caramellitsa July 14, 2011

    wow!! you look amazing!! i love how you pose,you are so like a model!! great outfit :DD
    kisses <3

  12. Quinn July 14, 2011

    really chic outfit :) i love those earrings!

  13. ANgel July 14, 2011

    Haha I would go crazy without having champagne for that long.. Must have tasted really good.. 3AM?? You look amazing as always! Hope you and the baby are doing well..

    All the best, Angel

  14. FASHION OXYGEN July 14, 2011

    LOVE your styling! Great look…and very nice pictures, like them all!


  15. Me, my best and I July 14, 2011

    OMG you are an advertisement for new Mums everywhere- you look unreal! Great photos with the moon background.!!

  16. Marina July 15, 2011

    DOLL you look absolutely stunning so elegant and so chic…but then again you always do manage to rock any outfit. LOVE IT.

    <3 Marina

  17. Amy July 15, 2011

    Those earrings are awesome! Love a good earring find :)

  18. Alyssa (The BF Mashup) July 17, 2011

    You look amazing! I love your sense of style. Those earrings are lovely and one heck of deal! You look fabulous for just recently having a baby by the way :] Congratulations on your three glasses of wine after that long haha!