Whiter shade of pale

winter fashion trend, white on white, printed leather, chic casual style for women, sydney style blog, by the ocean, photo

Breezy evening walks by the ocean side, stopping in caffes to have a warming chai latte… it feels like winter is almost here. I’m already nostalgic about summer and maybe its my attempt to cling to something summeresque  – continuing on white on white into winter? There is something special about this white chunky knit with a high turtle neck, I’m sure will be one of my winter fashion staples. While the white jeans same as my beloved printed leather Thakoons will continue to be favourites, regardless of season. 

spring fashion trend, white on white, white skinny jeans, chic style, chunky knit, marcs clutch, sydney fashion blogger

winter fashion trend, white on white, oversized knit with high turtle neck, short bang, Australian fashion blog

winter fashion trend, white on white, back view, oversized knit with high turtle neck, by the ocean, Australian fashion blog

Manly pavillion, Sydney, winter fashion trends, white on white, oversized chunky knit with high turtle neck, short bang, personal style blog

So goodbye for now dear Australian summer. We will miss you…

Outfit details: Zara knit, AG Stilt Cigarette jeans, Thakoon boots (also seen here), Marcs clutch (also here



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  1. Norlin April 6, 2012

    Gorgeous! As usual! Love the simple lines of a monotone ensemble. I think the patterns on the sweater gives some texture as does those on your gorgeous boots.

  2. Marina April 6, 2012

    Stunning!! from head to toe and LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos.

    <3 Marina

  3. Ekaterina April 6, 2012

    And here summer is just starting:)) so nice!! You look great as always!!

  4. Michelle April 6, 2012

    Those boots were made for talking! I love how you’ve styled them with a very minimal outfit – looks great

  5. E-von April 6, 2012

    You rock those white jeans! And the chunky knit goes oh so well :) Wish I could pull off the white jeans, but I’m just way too accident prone hehe

  6. Sally Steele April 6, 2012

    White on White with kiddiwinks you have moved to another level !
    Have been coveting those Thakoon boots for a while – will enjoy them vicariously x killer Maria

  7. Antonia-Ivana April 7, 2012

    That’s so cool haha.. Summer is just about to start here. I like your clean and pure look.


  8. Catherine April 7, 2012

    Madame, you look great!

  9. the style crusader April 8, 2012

    Oh my goodness! You look so hottt! It’s so funny to read about you transitioning into winter… I’m just trying to get into the spring/summer mood after the longest winter everrr. I’m so ready for sunshine and bare legs.

    Anyway, I LOVE your outfit! I’m seriously into winter white and I’ve been thinking about how much it’s something I want to wear next winter. I’m not normally into white jeans but I really love them with a creamy/white jumper. Love the texture and knit of yours! It’s gorgeous.

    p.s. the shoes are INSANE!

  10. Margarita April 8, 2012

    I love this all white ensemble! And are those shoes amazing or what!!!?

  11. Mica April 8, 2012

    Loving the white on white!

    The shoes have an amazing print too!

    Have a very happy Easter!


  12. Abby April 8, 2012

    It’s going to be allll whitteee! I love an all white combo! you lady are very good at life indeed!


  13. The Dainty Doll's House April 9, 2012

    Stunning!! x

  14. Melinda April 10, 2012

    I think this is one of my favourite outfits you have done! I love white on white (on other people, not me – I am too clumsy with spilling coffee/food!) and I love the pink nails with the clutch to break up the whiteness.

    Amazing!! Xxx

  15. carla April 11, 2012

    I love the total white look and the shoes are great with it!

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