Parky & Frost in Sydney

Last night I have attended Parky&Frost. A talk-show where two of the greatest interviewers of the world (apparently – well, I didn’t know that) were interviewing each other. The public gathered to see them talking about each other were obviously their great fans as the tickets to the show cost $300-500. You would not pay that much, unless you are a fan, right? As for me, the tickets were kindly provided by Channel9, who is an official broadcaster of the show.

Gosh, girls and boys! You should see the density of designer handbags gathered under one roof and all possible kind of style and fashion extravaganzas going on. Prada, Missoni, YSL, Christian Dior, you name it – all under one roof. Here we go – Sydney’s high society! I wish I could tweet you all the pics… as you have to see that as no words can describe the scene. Here is just one of the examples:

Below is me listening carefully to Mr Parky and Mr Frost going on about themselves for 2 good hours. It was a great idea to have my little Prada bag incorporated into my outfit – so I could fit the “designer from feet to toe” crowd.

The word’s two greatest – Michael Parkinson and Mr Frost (in case you did not know how they look like):

As for me, the major highlights of the show with Mr Parkinson and Mr Frost were:

1)      They made jokes about Muhammad Ali. However, I knew who Mr Ali was and up till yesterday I had no idea who Parky&Frost were. So yes, it was quite strange to see them pretending they were more clever than others;

2)      They were two old males who did not tell anything interesting or new for the entire 2 hours of the show. The most interesting were moments when they shown pieces from interviews with other people;

3)      The public were applauding them standing up when the show finished, – to my greatest surprise, as I have never seen people in Australia doing that even for the greatest performances in the Sydney Opera theatre. Cultural diffrences?

Anyways, dear friends, if you wish you can see the show this Saturday night on Channel9 and make your own conclusions about P&F.

Ciao ciao Marusya V. xoxo

p.s. We did not stay for the after party, because it would be too difficult to “make compliments”. Sorry, I can not lie.

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