Polish Your Style: How to Wear Black & White

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Last week I travelled to the Gold Coast for the 2013 Problogger conference. I usually travel light…  well as light as possible for a fashion blogger and nail polish addict. However, apart from the actual sessions, the conference also included various social activities and tours. So I packed a few versatile items that I knew would compliment each other and work as an evening outfit with the addition of heels and accessories. When unpacking at the hotel it appeared that I subconsciously chose black and white for everything, including my makeup and nail polishes. Even my signature red lipstick was left at home!

So the unintentional challenge I’d set for myself was how to wear black and white without looking too plain. And, when you don’t even have red lipstick to add a splash of colour you have to get creative!  Here are the results:

Day Time Weekend Outfits:

all white outfit

ALL WHITE with black accessories

black and white outfit

BLACK + WHITE with black accessories

Evening Outfits:

black and white outfit for summer

WHITE + BLACK with heels, statement clutch and gold accessories

all black outfit

MINIMALIST ALL BLACK with heels, statement clutch and a strong eyeliner

These looks give you a basic idea of how to wear black and white. You can always adjust them to suit the occasion. For instance, you can replace white shorts with white jeans or wide leg pants (like this). Or, the black cropped top can be replaced with a black jumper for a colder weather.

The main thing to remember when wearing black and white combos: go for a structure and interesting cuts combined with interesting details, accessories and hairstyle. Otherwise you may end up looking either like a school teacher :) For an evening look, heels and statement jewellery are a must to instantly make the transition from day to night.


Maria xx

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  1. riotersbloc September 18, 2013

    Gorgeous, as always!

  2. Maria@CrashingRed/SoNailicious September 20, 2013

    Thank you lovely!! x

  3. Happyeverafter_Bride September 19, 2013

    Thanks for the links for the accessories! I really like the shoes and it’s good to know where to find them. :)

  4. Maria@CrashingRed/SoNailicious September 20, 2013

    You’re welcome! I couldn’t find the exact shoes though. But the links show some very similar styles. Re: the accessories – it’s exactly what I have :) Bauble Bar is now shipping to Australia too! x