Sydney Vivid: a source of inspiration and visual delight

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Sydney Opera House sails illumination

What I like about living in Sydney is that there is always something happening. Cultural events and performances come one after another and you only wish you had time for everything. Only a month ago, Sydney was hosting Australian Fashion Week yet in the end of May, Sydney Vivid, Australia’s major international lighting festival, kicked off.

Every year, as a part of the festival, the city is transformed with spectacular light illuminations with Sydney Opera House remaining the central point of all events. Starting every day from 6pm, illuminations were the main attraction for tourists. When I was there, it was almost impossible to find a good spot to take a photograph. The harbour was filled with hundreds of other “photographers” from all around the world trying to capture the beauty of illuminated Sydney Opera House sails.

Sydney harbour bridge night, events, lifestyle blog Sydney, crashingred

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney vivid, circular quay, night, illuminated city, sydney lifestyle blog

View on Sydney CBD from Circular Quay

Sydney night views, sydney harbour, lifestyle blog Sydney, australia

Sydney night views

Sydney Vivid, barbie Opera House, fashion blog, crashingred, events Sydney

Special Sydney Opera House sails Barbie: new outfit idea?

There was also a free outdoor exhibition of interactive light sculptures. You can easily tell where the sculptures are because each of them would be surrounded by a thick gathering of curious Sydney visitors.

Sydney lifestyle blog, crashingred, light sculpture, blue lights events, Sydney Vivid

One of the light sculptures

Sydney Vivid, sculptures illumination Sydney harbour, night life, lifestyle blog, crashingred

Interactive sculpture, M.V. and J.P.

In addition to all amazing illuminations, there was a rare opportunity to attend performances by renowned local and international musicians held as part of Vivid LIVE. This year we went to see (and to hear) Chris Cunnigham, cult filmmaker, musician, photographer and producer famous for his work with Madonna and Bjork. His Australian show included brand new and unreleased works: a mix of electronic music and cut-up film presented as videos edited together and projected across three screens. Unfortunately, it was prohibited to take photos during the performance but if you are familiar with Chris Cunnigham’s works you can imagine the style. All I can say is that it was a combination of unexpectedly disturbing with strikingly beautiful.

Chris Cunnighan performance, Sydney opera house, Sydney events, crashingred, fashion blog

Chris Cunnighan performance related...

Rarely, you come across such strong and touching performances and for that I am eternally grateful to my beloved Mr Joseph Pole, who made it happen for us. A great deal of inspiration (fashion and style related too!) was received from the Chris Cunnigham’s show and… now again back on a subject of constant lack of time. Though, I have no time to accomplish all my ideas, I promise to show you at least some of them on my blog in the nearest future …

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  1. KaNini June 14, 2011

    The photos look beautiful! I got to put Sydney on my “10 things I got to do before I die”-List! :D :D

  2. Amalia June 14, 2011

    amazing photos! looks like an awesome event!

  3. caramellitsa June 14, 2011

    wow!!!so beautiful photos!!!

  4. Marina H June 15, 2011

    Beautiful, Stunning and oh so breathtaking pictures!!! And you look gorgeous love.!! Thx for sharing.

    <3 Marina

  5. Lyddiegal June 15, 2011

    Goodness, the city lights look so beautiful! The event sounds like a lot of fun – it must be so wonderful to live in a city full of such grand events to attend.

  6. Grace June 16, 2011

    It looks so amazing! I remember sitting on the steps to the Oprah House three years ago thinking this place is the best in the world, and it looks even better with all the colour! Can’t wait to go back one day! x