One hat, three ways

tommy ton - anna dello russo balenciaga hats

tommy ton - balenciaga shorts and hat

Does this hat look familiar to you dear reader? No, you aren’t hallucinating. The Darth Vader hat made it to the streets of Paris. Whatever folly haute couture brings to the runway, the bravest fashionistas adopt. Nicolas, you made the right move, again. Now all we mere mortals are left with is awe and a sense of “Hmm…Why not?”. So let’s have a closer look at these three distinctly different ensembles. They all have one thing in common – the infamous Balenciaga cape hat.

Anna Dello Russo, the queen of maximilism, skillfully wears the hat so that it becomes almost unnoticeable behind all the glitter, gold and clashing prints. The hat becomes a piece of the ensemble while the leading role goes to the embellished clutch. Second entry, Hanneli Mustaparta with her minimalistic look. Minimal, literally, how else you would explain the absence of pants? Consequently, the hat is the dominant garment in this ensemble. Finally, a mysterious young lady in a pretty Miu Miu coat. She is the only one who wears the hat properly and according to its purpose: to hide the face! Well done young lady! Please contact me to receive your prize!!!

tommy ton - balenciaga hat

Photography by Tommy Ton for

On this happy note, I also wish to announce that firstly, I’m going to L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Yes, I received my accreditation! Secondly, I won the L’Avion Styling competition. Yes! Yess! Yesss!!! Thank you my darlings for voting for my entry!  I really appreciate your incredible support and you should know – TOGETHER we’re the power!!! YESSS!!!!

Have a lovely Sunday!




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  1. Antonia-Ivana March 4, 2012

    double congrats, darling!! :-) I’m so happy for you!

    The hat is strange yet awesome.

  2. Norlin March 4, 2012

    Wahahaha! Well, when you think about it…that Darth Vader hat is actually quite handy. I think it is sort of the “stylish” version of the legionnaire hat. Keeps your neck from getting burned and shades your face from the sun too! LOL!

  3. xiaohan - xssat March 4, 2012

    Nicolas Ghesquiere: “Fashionistas, I am your father.” lols Love it though! I love Anna and mysterious girls’ version with sequinns inside.

  4. Niki March 5, 2012

    ooo not gonna lie, hanneli’s outfit is kiiind of a fail. not into it. love the mysery wom’s and ADR’s though!

    and congrats on the win!

    xx Niki from A Haute Mess

  5. The Dainty Doll's House March 5, 2012

    I agree with the above, I don’t like her added underwear added bit, the helmet is grasping enough. It just looks like she forgot to put undies on and decided to put them on anyways. I’m too distracted by that to enjoy the hat! But, I like the top and bottom ones, they are understated and cool. They wear the helmet instead of the other way around!! Congrat’s doll..well deserved!! Have fun at the festival!! xx

  6. I have to agree with the other comments Hanneli’s look doesn’t work, the top half of the ensemble looks great, but below the waist things get weird! A simple pair of indigo jeans would have been perfect, but instead she chose some weird over-sized panties!
    And who knew Darth Vader was such a style icon!
    Gems x