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Summer is almost here! Its time to wave good bye to giant heavy bags stuffed with ‘necessities’ and update for something smaller and brighter. Do you think?

The new season is all about mini bags. Bright color provides maximum impact and even the smallest bag becomes a statement piece. Whether it is a satchel, shoulder bag, clutch, saddle bag or a cross body bag: it should be small and bright.

I conducted a thorough reconnaissance on what’s available online worldwide and in Australia. Here is a selection of bags that I think deserve your attention, to match different budgets and color preferences.


mini bags bright colors luxury brands new season fashion style bags for winter 2012 summer 2011, fashion blog Sydney,1.Michael Kors $510, 2.Miu Miu $1,600, 3.Proenza Shoeler $1,800, 4.Alexander McQueen $1,500, 5.Miu Miu $450, 6.Gucci $950, 7.Lanvin $1965, 8.Chloe  $900, 9.Marc By Marc Jacobs $320. These bags are available via or the brand’s sites.

mini bags bright colors affordable new season fashion style bags for winter 2012 summer 2011, fashion blog Sydney,1.Rebecca Mincoff $295, 2.Asos $59, 3.Rebecca Mincoff $195, 4.London Fog $76 (from Nordstrom), 5. Oroton$295, 6. JPK Paris $90 (from Nordstrom), 7.Asos $102, 8.Mimco $199, 9.Asos $25

P.S. I have not bought any yet. Still thinking… Let me know which bag is your favourite!

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  1. Cláudia Tavares August 18, 2011

    Love them all.
    The mini luxe are all above my budget but let me tell you one can’t tell the difference between the others. They look great as well. I’m loving deep green right now and yellow, guess these colors would be my favourites.

  2. caramellitsa August 18, 2011

    can i have all of them???hihii love them all!!!! i am a bag addict :DDDDD

    kisses <3

  3. Englishvers August 18, 2011

    These bags emboy summer especially the green, red and yellow bags. Happy summer to you;-)

  4. Msmadame August 18, 2011

    I think they are all totally cute but with a 3 yr old I need something big !! Lol

  5. Be Privé August 18, 2011

    Wow! Love all the bags and the outfits!
    Greetings from paris

  6. mallhaciel August 18, 2011

    Loving them all! perfect to give a pop of colour to the spring/summer outfits!

  7. Ms Curious @ CCM August 18, 2011

    From the luxe group I pick the Miu Miu, the bright colour and the textured leather make a great combination!

    And from the budget group my vote is for #7, love the sharp yellow and boxy shape.

  8. Linsey Sijmons August 18, 2011

    LOVE the Proenza Schouler bag!

    And I’m sorry for bothering you with this, but would you like to vote for me here: just click at the heart at the top of the page and you’re done! It’s such a tiny little effort and I will be SO thankful! :-)

    Lots of love,

  9. Ashley August 19, 2011

    Hey friend! I apologize for being a bit absent from your blog; work’s been keeping my time tangled up. Your summer is just starting, and mine never ends, haha! I’m liking the #5 Miu Miu myself. I also like that you’ve chosen lots of bright colors; makes a purse more fun!

  10. jenny August 20, 2011

    summer is over here:( bye bye summer. have to admit there s no summer this summer. the temperature was maximum + 24 and most of the time +18. but my choice is bag # 3 in MINI LUX and # 1 IN mINI budget. haha just noticed the prise of # 3 :) just $ 1800 :)