Vogue Australia August: read & skip

Vogue Australia August, Rachel Taylor, review, personal opinion, jewelry trend, 2011 new season fashion

My addiction. Vogue not Rachel Taylor. Yet she is looking hot too...

This is the only magazine I buy religiously. I read it in Russia, in England and now in Australia. I am addicted to my monthly dose of haute couture. Vogue provides inspiration while leaving room for creativity. It neither gossips about who wore what and when nor dictates what to wear or how to do your makeup. Smart, fresh and chic. 94% of the time.

In Vogue August, there are a few things that deserve a special attention yet also a few disappointments.

Love, read:

  • “Editor’s choices” A selection of heavenly runway looks that are made to be worn in a fantasy world juxtaposed with real life outfits that are practical and can be actually worn. Chanel’s look is particularly wearable and easy to recreate with things that are already in your wardrobe.
  • “Girl most likely” An article about Carolina Castigilioni. Would you like to know what is inside the head of the head of Marni?
  • “Cosmetic confidential” It was great to find out some interesting facts about Terry De Gunzburg, the makeup artist behind one of my favorite beauty lines By Terry.
  • “Accessory & Jewelry report” A whole bunch of new ideas for jewellery and accessories. It looks like stilettos making a loud come back. So ladies, store away your platforms.

Vogue Australia August, review, personal opinion, jewelry trend, 2011 new season fashion
Dark romance in jewels & pointy heels

Meh, skip:

  • “New Season looks” Excuse me but this report is slightly outdated. These looks have been hanging out on style.com for a couple of months now. Moreover, they were reported, re-reported and over-reported 100 times by fashion bloggers all around the world (including myself; remember these dresses?). So what’s NEW about these looks? I didn’t get it.
  • “Accessory & Jewelry report: Hats” 99.9% of fashion bloggers have been wearing fedoras, brims and other more floppy versions of hats for almost a year now. This trend is definitely not new. Moreover, Fedoras have become some kind of symbol of style. It’s annoying. I beg you, fashion world, please change the ‘hat subject’ to something more fresh!

Vogue Australia August, Rachel Taylor, review, criticism, hats, 2011 new season fashion, fashion blog Sydney
Oh no… Brim & Fedora virus gets Vogue.

Would love to know your opinion on the above, lovelies. If you are not a fan of Vogue, let us know what is your favorite glossy read ;)

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  1. Amalia July 20, 2011

    Absolutely LOVE Vogue! I get the US, UK, and Germany ones.. I get a few others but I always read Vogue cover to cover..

  2. Emma July 20, 2011

    hmmm.. cool!!

    My Face Hunter

  3. Melinda July 20, 2011

    Vogue always sucks me in with all the pretty pictures hehe :)
    I like Shop Til You Drop too, but makes me want to spend money a lot of the time!

  4. Bonnie July 20, 2011

    Loveee the cover! Looks like a good one :)




  5. Marina July 20, 2011

    Sigh….LOVE LOVE Vogue !!! I share the same passion as you my doll.

    <3 Marina